There are multiple ways to purchase Thropic Coin

Thropic Coin is a BEP-20 token

Select your method of purchase on the site to get more information. If you run into any problems check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

If you are a New York or California resident, please see the corresponding segment to your right.

Contract Address
trust wallet

Mobile Purchase

You'll need to purchase BNB through the Trust Wallet or Binance in order to purchase Thropic Coin.

If you are located in New York or California check out the dedicated segment below.
download trust wallet from the ios or android store

Once you've downloaded the application, create your wallet and save your seed phrase somewhere safe. This is the only way you can access your wallet in the event you delete the application.

Click on the 'Buy' icon on the top right and select BNB. The minimum purchase is $50.
swap your purchased bnb for smart chain bnb

The Binance Smart Chain has two version of their currency, BNB and BSC (Smart Chain). While you can purchase BSC directly in-app there have been noted issues with delayed purchases.

To avoid this, purchase BNB and swap to Smart Chain. If you attempt to swap 100% of your BNB you may get a notification that you have insufficent funds. Swap 90% of your BNB to avoid this. The remaining 10% can be utilized for transaction fees.
connect your wallet to pancakeswap

Once you've swapped your BNB for BSC, head to exchange.pancakeswap.finance and click on the blue Connect logo. Select WalletConnect and tap on the Trust Wallet logo.

You'll need to approve the connection. If you use MetaMask as your wallet of choice then the process is the same, simply select MetaMask after you tap on WalletConnect.
set your slippage and purchase thropic

Tap on Select a currency and then tap on Manage Tokens at the bottom of the popup. Select the Tokens tab and input this in the field:


Select Thropic and import.
set slippage rate & purchase thropic

Select Thropic and import.Tap on the icon with 3 lines next to the clock icon to the right of 'Exchange'. This will open your settings; set your slippage to 12% and close this popup.

Finally, input how much BNB you'd like to swap for Thropic. If you purchased BNB specifically to get Thropic then you can tap MAX. Tap on Swap and confirm the transaction in the Trust Wallet or MetaMask.

That's it! Welcome to the Thropic community. If you have any questions or ran into an issue, check out the FAQ section below.

Desktop Purchase

MetaMask is the best method for desktop purchases, however you are unable to purchase BNB directly in-app. You'll have to send BNB to it from another address.
install the metamask extension for your browser of choice

You can either import your wallet of choice using the recovery phrase or you can create a new wallet.

Once your wallet is created click on the network at the top, by default it will be the Ethereum Mainnet.

Select Custom RPC and input the following information:

Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID


Block Explorer URL

Click on Save and head back to the main page.
add thropic

Click on Add Token and input the contract address. Everything else should auto fill.

In the event it doesn't:

Token Symbol

connect to pancakeswap

Head over to exchange.pancakeswap.finance and click on Connect in the top right.

Select MetaMask and you'll notice a new notification pop up on the icon in your browser.

Open MetaMask and click Next and then finally Connect. Your account is now connected to Pancakeswap.
import thropic & swap(purchase)

In Pancakeswap, click on Select a currency and then click on Manage Tokens at the bottom of the popup.

Select the Tokens tab and input the contract address:


Once you do this, Thropic will auto-populate. Click on import ant follow through the prompt.

Now select BNB in the first field and in the second field, search for Thropic and select it. Now you can input how much BNB you'd like to use and the Thropic equivalent will automatically adjust.

Finally, when you're ready you can hit Swap and confirm the transaction. Welcome to the Thropic community! Let's change the world.
coinbase, kucoin & trust wallet

New York & California Purchase

Due to financial regulations, New York and California residents are unable to purchase BNB through conventional channels such as Binance or the Trust Wallet. Expand this section for details on how to purchase.
high level rundown
You'll need to use a crypto exchange allowed to operate in New York such as Coinbase or Gemini. CashApp allows you to purchase and send Bitcoin and their verification process ranges from instant to 2-3 business days.

You will need your ID for verification on all of the aforementioned exchanges.

Once you choose an exchange, you will need to download the Trust Wallet and KuCoin. KuCoin is going to be used to swap any purchased crypto on an exchange to BNB. The process is as follows:

Purchase crypto -> Send to KuCoin -> Swap to USDT (Tether) -> Swap USDT for BNB -> Send BNB to Trust Wallet.
don't be intimidated
This seems like a lengthy process initially, however after one or two times, the simplicity becomes apparent.
need help?


Expand this sections for answers to common questions and general troubleshooting.
unable to purchase bnb

If you try and purchase BNB through the Trust Wallet or another exchange or intermediary such as Kraken, Paybis, Crypto.com, Binance, etc. and get an error, it's most likely due to your location. Those in New York and California are unable to purchase BNB directly.

transaction failure on pancakeswap

If you run into a problem when purchasing on Pancakeswap it is most likely due to an incorrect slippage rate. Be sure that it is set to 12%.

transaction processing without confirmation

If you notice that after you attempt to swap BNB for Thropic and are taken to the Trust Wallet and nothing happens, reconnect your wallet using the Chrome browser app. There is a bug affecting some Trust Wallet users using Safari where your wallet does not fire a confirmation screen.